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The Complete Graduate Resource: Taking Your Degree to the Next Level by Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick

Degreeconomics: Valued-Added Senior Year Experience

Strategies for Graduating in Challenging Economic Times (under development)

Copyright - Joan E. Leichter Dominick 2009 & Conceptualized by Jim Pennington 2009


Networking Resources for Graduating Seniors

Networking Strategies - From Face to Face to Web 2.0:

Telling Your Story: Create and Present Your Portfolio By Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick

Face-to-Face Strategies

Learn about Operational Networking, Personal Network,  and Stragetic Networking from Dr. Herminia Ibarra.


Web 2.0 Strategies

Ben Cope - Epic Web Strategies & KSU Alumni

Learn how to use Web 1.0 & Web 2.0 for networking, marketing, creating your own social networking, customizing twitter accounts, creating portfolios, & more. Ben Cope is my mentor!

Join KSU Senior Network Experience Web 2.0 Community - Network Connections for Success: For College Seniors & Stakeholders in their Success After College

Join Linkedin: Web 2.0 - Your Professional Network

Re-connect+Power Your Career+Get & Give Answers

Suggestions for Strategizing on LinkedIn:

The Unofficial Source of for Tips on Using Linkedin

Join KSU Alumni Association New Web 2.0 Community: KSU Connections

Create your own Web 2.0 Network with Ning.Com

twitter.com: Connecting through Communication/Networking Updates

twitter Job Search - Job Search Engine for twitter


Outlook for Graduates:

ABC News - May 20, 2009 Video "College Grads Seeking Work - Class of 2009

National Association of Colleges and Employers: Job Hiring Flat for Class of 2009

New College Graduates Face Tough Competition: Tips of What Not To Do

NPR All Things Tech - April 16, 2009

Grim Prospects for New Grads by Jessica Dickler CNN Money October 31, 2008

With Grim Prospects, Colleges Aid Job Search: New York Times by Tany Mohn February 14, 2009

CNN Economy Tracker

United States Department of Labor

Georgia Department of Labor

Strategies for College Graduates:

Education Portal: Tips for Recent College Graduates in a Shrinking Job Market

Education Portal: 10 Ways for New College Graduates to Gain Job Experience

Survivors’ Stories:Heading into a murky job market? Here are some tips from folks who did it in years past and thrived

Road to Rescue: The CNN Survival Guide - From Financial Problems to Financial Solutions

From Grad to Great: Website/Twitter/Text Resource by Anne Brown & Beth Zefo

Using College Career Services Centers:

Graduating in a Digital World

Graduating in a Digital World : From Digital Literacy to Emerging Technologies

by Dr. Jorge Perez, Kennesaw State University created for KSU 4401: Senior Seminar

Considering New Career Options:

What kind of work is for you: World of Work Map

USA Jobs: Federal Government Careers

Today's Military: USA Military Careers

Monster: Career Search Resource

Going Global: Worldwide Career Opportunities

Opportunity Knocks: Careers in Non Profit Organizations


Negotiating Salaries:

Salary Negotiations and Job Offer Tools and Resources: Quintessential Careers

Going to Graduate School:

Skip the Recession, Get an MBA? Fortune Magazine by Anne Fisher - February 20, 2009

Recommended by Jim Pennington

Starting a Business:

United States Small Business Development

KSU Small Business Development Center

KSU The Edge: Empowering & Developing Georgia's Entrepreneurs

Financial Fitness:

Personal Budget Worksheet by Kristy Dickerson, KSU 4401- Spring 2009

Financial Managment for College Seniors: Your Education Pays by Dr. Deborah N.

College Senior Financial Fitness by Dr. Deborah Smith (Adobe Captivate)


Mindfulness, Wellness & Stress Management:

Science of Mindfulness: Opening to Our Lives by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, University of Massachusetts Medical School. From Krista Tippett's Speaking of Faith Website:"We explore what our guest has learned, through science and experience, about mindfulness as a way of life. This is wisdom with immediate relevance to the ordinary and extreme stresses of our time — from economic peril, to parenting, to life in a digital age." April 16, 2009.

College Senior Wellness & Coping with Change by Dr. Deborah Smith (Adobe Captivate)

College Senior's Concerns: What are You Doing After College - Villanova University

Stress Promotes Graduation Nightmares: NPR Interview May 30, 2008

Dream studies professor Kelly Bulkeley tells Michele Norris about common graduation nightmares

Kennesaw State University