E-Portfolio Passport to Global Citizenship: Folio Thinking for College Seniors

October 13, 2006

       4th International ePortfolio 2006 Conference

                                         October 11-13, 2006

                                              Oxford, England



Proceedings ePortfolio 2006: ePortfolio Passport to Global Citizenship: Foliothinking

                         for College Seniors. J. Leichter Dominick, M. Funk, B. Izar. Page 96


Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick
Associate Professor of Communications & Director of Portfolios for
Student Success Programs & Senior Year Experience

Dr. M. Leigh Funk

Dr. Assistant Professor of Special Education & Technology

Professional Teacher Education Unit Electronic Data Manager

Ms. Bethanie Izar

Alumni Association & Kennesaw State University Graduate

Presentation Title:
E-Portfolio Passport to Global Citizenship: Folio Thinking for College Seniors

Division: How to implement ePortfolios successfully at organisational level

                             Section O3 -11:30 AM October 13, 2006

Presentation Abstract: 

     As part of the Senior-Year Experience Program at Kennesaw State University, an institutional elective capstone course entitled KSU 4401: Senior Seminar was created to assist students in the transition to post-university life. In the course, college seniors create reflective and best of show ePortfolios (electronic portfolios) which helps them to honour, understand, and connect their learning from self to global society. This process is called folio thinking which develops the life-long learning habit of archiving, assessing, and sharing their learning with societal stakeholders in the areas of citizenship, community, and career. We propose that folio thinking acts as a kaleidoscopic process which leads to a deeper view of understanding learning and develops a strategy for archiving, reflecting, and digitally sharing life-long learning for the empowerment of college seniors and their emerging roles as global citizens. The folio thinking process prepares students for life-long continued career development which demands an entrepreneurial approach of managing one's own progress as a knowledge worker in the 21st century. In our presentation we will share the academic approaches to creating ePortfolios as passports to global citizenship by utilizing the folio thinking process for college seniors.
      We will share the academic resources we developed to implement the folio thinking process. The academic resources include, the RACCE (Reflect + Assess + Collect + Connect +Express) College Senior Portfolio Process, the Global Portfolio Rubric which integrates the international and global learning outcomes at Kennesaw State University, the e-portfolio formats were developed based on our work, our emerging hypothesis of investigating the learning empowerment developed by creating an e-portfolios and its connection to brain research, and the importance of sharing learning for the betterment of global society. Our folio thinking presentation and resources are posted on this website so we may share our ideas, resources, welcome your feedback, explore research on e-portfolios and its impact on learning, and begin a dialogue on how to further assist college seniors in the successful transition to post-university life through the design and development of an e-portfolio.

Exhibited ePortfolio materials by:
Jennifer Leifheit Little, KSU PTD Pocket E-Portfolio Designer
Ben Cope , KSU PTD Pocket E-Portfolio Designer & EPOC Designs

Sid Kemp, KSU ITS Web Folio Seminar Designer

Karen Andrews, KSU Online Career Portfolio

Editorial & Graphic Assistance:

Stephanie Salter, The Write Way

Helen Bisesi, KSU Graphic Designs for Presentation Bookmark and

KSU 4401: Senior Seminar Spring 2007 Pamphlet

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Special thanks to President Emeritus Betty Siegel for beginning the Senior-Year Experience Program, President Daniel Papp, Dr. Lendley Black, and Dean Ralph Rascati for supporting Global Learning for the Engaged Citizen, and to Dr. Rebecca Casey, Chair of the Department of University Studies, for her constant support of the Folio Thinking Process in our student success programs. To Dr. Randy Hinds and Mr. Karl Aldag for supporting my growth and development in the technology of teaching and learning.



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