Careering 2.0 – Using Social Networking for Career Search: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & More

Careering 2.0: Using Social Neworking for Career Search

Developing a professional brand for your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. is the new Careering 2.0 approach to network for  the career search and development process.  Some great resources are Ben Cope’s Epic Strategies Website:

- Careering 2.0:  Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick copyright 2009

Web 2.0 Community Foliothinking: KSU Senior Network Experience

In Fall 2008, I set up a community to connect KSU 4401 Seniors with interested stakeholders with the mission of networking the seniors for career and citizenship goals. The community, which is optional for the KSU 4401 Seniors, has been growing with members willing to network our seniors. Ben Cope, of EPOC Designs & Internet Genius, taught me about setting up a Web 2.0 community using This project is truly a community of foliothinkers with the goal of helping graduating seniors honor, understand, and connect their learning from self to global citizenship through the powerful act of networking.

From Paper to Podcast: My Reflections on Folio Thinking from 1998 to 2008

For the past ten years I have been using the “Folio Thinking Process” as the main focus on my courses on transitional learning. I introduced the use of portfolios in my KSU 4401: Senior Seminar (institutional capstone course) in 1998, to encourage the students to honor, understand, and connect their learning as they prepared for post-university life. The following year, I began using the Folio Thinking process in the KSU 1101: First Year Seminar class. Over the past ten years, I have heard such positive feedback from the students creating an archive of their learning, for their own self reflective and for sharing their time and talent from self to the betterment of global society. Throughout the ten years of embracing Folio Thinking, I have explored and evolved with the emerging technology that allows us to share, relate in community, and see our learning from exciting new perspectives. I call this exciting self-view of learning using portfolios the “Kaleidoscopic Process”. Dr. Helen Barrett, international leader in ePortfolios and my mentor in reflective learning using portfolios, has cited my portfolio metaphor on her website, I am extremely honored to her for this:

“E-Portfolio as Kaleidoscopic Process: Reflective View from Self to Global Society
Just as a kaleidoscope needs light to view the endless possiblities of visual combinations of the colored glass, a e-portfolio provides the illumination for the learner to view the endless possibilities of the potential views and connections of her/his learning experience from self to global society. (Dr. Joan E. Dominick, Kennesaw State University – and”

Currently, i am studying how paper, multimedia, Web 1.0, and Web 2.0 (socially connected portfolios) are developing and providing a continual enrichment of the kaleidoscopic process of viewing your learning and connecting it to society for the better good is constantly evolving. I am committed to all people honoring, understanding, and connecting from self to global society for the better good and share with powerful learning practice will all people in our very connected home world!